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10 facts about creating your legacy


01)  Leave a Green Legacy. Far from a short term band aid fix, this is a long term solution that within four generations will show a corporate commitment to trees that turn into forests.

02)  10 trees = 10,000 trees. When fully matured your trees are harvested for pulp and then paper, with proceeds reinvested into more trees.

03)  Location, Location. Sites are strategically selected in places with good rainfall, top soil quality and correct depth. Farming land is reclaimed, diverse tree corridors remain and no old growth forests are cleared.

04)  Chip off the old block. Seeds are collected from the tallest strongest trees in the forest to ensure the offspring of the strongest trees in the forest are planted.

05)  You won’t get burnt or blown away. Insurance is take against fire and wind, so your investment in the  future does not go up in smoke or get whisked away.

06)   On site Tree Technicians. Your trees will be professionally managed.  It ensures smart planting practices and that branches are trimmed when necessary to allow for sunlight exposure and maximum growth.

07)  True Blue Aussie Investment. Blue gums (Eucalyptus trees) are planted not pine. The Australian native species naturally encourage animals back to what was farming land, and are more resistant to the Australian climate.

08)  Our Foresters are Certified. Every tree planted by our forest managers is planted under guidelines set out by PEFC and ISO 14001.

09)   A Sustained Effort. Our approach to providing a strong and sustainable legacy adhere to our stringent standards of merging environmentalism with sound investment.

10)   Carbon off sets. Scientifically not enough is known yet to be certain of how much carbon is stored in a mature Blue gum. You are contributing to a carbon sink, but there are no carbon credit offsets involved, just the knowledge that you are actively contributing to diminish the impact of climate change, not adding to it.


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Leading Legacies

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Legacy of 101,048 trees

3. Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers
Legacy of 93,000 trees

4. Digital Press
Legacy of 77,760 trees

5. Printworks Oz
Legacy of 69,750 trees